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The most valuable resource in a company? People. There are leaders in manufacturing who are committed to improving their processes and investing in their operations. They take action to create a safer and more efficient workplace for their employees. Do you desire to see your people transformed to a greater purpose? The Purpose Driven Mobile Robots team is prepared to help you transfer material safer and create more profit, while moving your people forward.

The OTTO Motors team is led by Bob Rhein, Division Manager and PennAir President (pictured, back right) with Matt Spalding, lead OTTO Motive Engineer (pictured, front left). 

Late in December of 2017, a Philadelphia based LEAN Champion asked me if a robot existed to take their assembly tools to the production line during the day.  During football season, it seemed that when the Eagles played and won, productivity would fall.  And when the Eagles lost, well, productivity all but stopped.  

That is when I discovered OTTO Motors and learned that AMR technology has been around thanks to them since 2009.  Today as President of PennAir, I have chosen to take my 30+ years of industrial sales experience with customers in manufacturing/warehousing and have “hit the road again” to talk with customers.  

I wake up everyday with a passion for helping people.  Throughout my PennAir career, I have heard leaders in the industrial community say “I’m not looking to layoff my people; we have to repurpose our people.” Are you feeling frustrated by, uncertain about, or concerned with, your people in manufacturing today?  If so, perhaps we should communicate.  We exist to be useful to visionaries in manufacturing who strongly desire to invest in mobile robots.

Driven by purpose to repurpose,

I am an Autonomous Mobile Robotics specialist with experience deploying OTTO AMRs in a wide variety of challenging industrial environments. I’m passionate about helping businesses embrace the transition towards automation of low-value tasks to better utilize their most important resource; people. I have been certified by OTTO Motors to perform end-to-end integration of AMR fleets and end-user training so our customers can stay focused on what matters most – leaving work, at work.

When I’m not working with robots, chances are you can find me sailing somewhere!

Looking forward to working with you,


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PennAir President, AMR Division Manager

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